What to Consider When Searching for a Long Term RV Park

More and more, people of all ages are switching gears and choosing to explore the country, not staying in hotels, but opting to stay at a motorcoach resort in an RV. It’s not just for retirement anymore. People of all ages and dispositions are now searching for long term RV parks near them to get away, explore, and relax.


Whether you’re looking through long term RV parks near you or expanding your horizons to find a luxury RV resort farther away, finding the perfect long term RV lots for rent or purchase might be simpler than you think.  Before settling on a specific long term RV park destination point, Riverbend Motorcoach Resort has some suggestions to help in your research.

Choose Your Full Time Luxury RV Resort Destination

This is probably the most important aspect to consider. If it’s a long term RV park you’re considering, that means you’re planning to be there for a while. Your destination needs to fit your family’s lifestyle, interests, offer activities you enjoy, and have the atmosphere that aligns with your style of unwinding.

  • Are you looking to explore different parts of the country or do you need to stay closer to home?
  • What piques your interests? Cave exploring? Mountain climbing? Diving? Museums?
  • Which outdoor settings get you giddy? Beaches? Mountains? Hills?
  • What about the climate? Do you prefer a drier climate? Cooler temps?
  • Do you need kid-friendly activities or is it just you and your partner?

When you pick an area, search some of the cities for what they offer entertainment-wise. You can message area chambers of commerce and local groups for ideas and information as well. Search out what festivals, concerts, and events are planned throughout the year near the luxury RV parks that are making your list.

Check The Rates

Research motorcoach resort rates: Many full time luxury RV resorts will have a monthly, seasonal, or yearly rate. While it’s wise to compare the prices, you also need to see what all comes with the price: lot size, location, amenities, services, etc. Not all luxury RV parks are the same.

Are There Amenities?

When the word “resort” comes to mind, most people think of luxury. High quality luxury RV parks will have much to offer to enhance your overall experience and stay. Some typical amenities that are expected at a luxury RV resort include:

  • Basic Amenities: Water and Electric Hookup, Full Hookups
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free cable and Wi-Fi
  • Picnic Tables with Fire Rings
  • Areas for Pets and Kids
  • Clean Facilities and Community Areas

Look to see which full time RV parks near you or anywhere go above and beyond to offer a truly luxurious stay. At Riverbend Motorcoach Resort, our amenities set us ahead of the RV pack.

  • Gated Community
  • Private Marina with Boat Launch and Slips
  • Three Amazing Clubhouses
  • Heated Olympic-sized Pool that Handicap Accessible
  • Jacuzzis
  • Gated Dog Parks
  • 8 Pickleball Courts and Lots of Community Activities
  • Surrounded by Beautiful Scenery
  • A Community that’s sure to Become Your New Family!

What's Nearby?

Typically, if you’re living the RV life, you want to be surrounded by entertaining places, activities you enjoy, and new experiences. Don’t forget about the essentials though: grocery stores, shopping, salons, entertainment, gas stations, etc.

Does the RV Resort Have A Waitlist?

Many full time RV parks can have a waitlist for purchasing a lot. You may consider long term RV lots for rent while you’re on the waitlist. This will also afford you the opportunity to experience the culture, amenities, and community before buying.

Renting VS. Buying

There are pros and cons for both and it really depends on where you stand with your decision. Are you already certain that staying at a long term RV park is something you want to do which may make buying the more practical decision? Maybe you’re not quite ready to jump in, so in this case opting to rent for a time will help firm up your final decision.

Pros of Renting

  • Opportunity to experience the RV life before buying
  • Maintenance doesn’t fall entirely on you
  • All amenities are still included in the experience

Pros of Buying

  • More control over lot space
  • Financially more practical as it’s cheaper to buy than rent in the long run
  • Less expensive than a vacation home property
  • With a permanent lot, you have permanent storage for your RV and belongings

Interested in Purchasing a Full Time RV Lot? Contact RiverBend Motorcoach Resort

Are you interested in long term RV lots for rent or purchase? Live the RV life to the fullest at RiverBend Motorcoach Resort, a Class A motorcoach resort, offering the best in every way. You’ll be immersed in gorgeous landscaping, have a plethora of amenities at your service, and you’ll be a part of the most welcoming community that truly sets us apart from the rest. Don’t wait to join the fun. Call 863-674-0085 today to start your next adventure!

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