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Is It Cheaper to RV or Stay in Hotels? Let's Find Out!

The RV lifestyle has become increasingly popular and trendier these days, capturing the attention of many enthusiasts. The allure of the open road and exploring new sights and experiences is irresistible. The options are endless, whether it’s soaking up Vitamin Sea’s reviving embrace on a beach or taking in breathtaking mountain views. The idea of visiting numerous national parks adds even more excitement to the mix. So, let’s embark on this adventure. But before we do, let’s delve into an important question: which option is more cost-effective? Is it cheaper to RV or stay in hotels? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of RV rental costs vs the costs of hotels to make an informed decision.

Let's Start With a Hotel vs RV Lot Rental Comparison in South Florida

What’s your ultimate happy place? For many of us, it’s the Sunshine State with its glorious beaches, swaying palm trees, and wonderful weather. Let’s start with an exciting comparison to see if hotels are cheaper than pulling an RV alongside us, and discover whether we can immerse ourselves in the joys of this place without breaking the bank.  

Florida offers many hotel options for visitors. Prices vary according to the amenities, dates, and locations of the hotels. On average, a hotel stay in Florida costs around $221, based on a study of 5,122 hotels. The median price stands at $182, ensuring that visitors have options to suit every budget. For a three-day stay, the approximate cost of a hotel in Florida would be around $662. However, if you extended your visit to a week, expenses would amount to roughly $1551. When the average hotel stay in Florida comes to around $3100 for two weeks (before taxes and fees), it makes you wonder: is it cheaper to stay in a hotel or an RV? 

Take a look at what RiverBend has to offer when comparing RV vs hotel rates. RV rental rates at RiverBend vary because each of our lots is individually owned. This means that our owners set their own RV lot rental rates. On average, the daily cost of an RV space at Riverbend Motorcoach Resort can range anywhere from $116 to $246 depending on the location and the season, and with it comes the freedom to explore at your own pace without worrying about expensive accommodations. Weekly averages at RiverBend are cost-effective, starting at around $1,196. Respectively, the cost of a monthly RV lot rental at RiverBend can range from $2,308 to $4,919.

Amenities at RV Resorts vs Hotels

When comparing RV rental lot costs with hotel rates, there are some notable differences in the amenities they offer. While hotels boast room service, housekeeping, pools, gyms, and continental breakfasts, RV resorts have their own unique set of perks. Like hotels, RV resorts also have pools, shower houses, and Wi-Fi access. However, what sets RV resorts apart are the distinctive offerings that most hotels do not have. For instance, RiverBend Motorcoach Resort stands out with its exceptional amenities, including private marinas and boat launch slips, a gated community, access to the intercostal waterway, pickleball courts, dog parks, and more. Find out more here.

RV Resorts are Normally More Remote and Scenic

Before determining whether it is cheaper to stay in a hotel or rent an RV lot, you need to consider what you want your vacation to be like. When you stay at RV resorts and rent RV lots, you not only get to soak in gorgeous views but also enjoy a more private experience. The beauty of these lots is that you can choose to wake up to breathtaking landscapes. You can enjoy the convenience of a private space with all the facilities you need right at your fingertips.

Pets are Typically More Welcome at RV Resorts

Most RV parks are pet-friendly, while some hotels will tolerate your furry friend as long as you pay an additional fee. It’s just easier to bring your loyal four-legged companion along with you to an RV park, and both of you will enjoy walking trails and dog parks nearby.

Hotels Can Be More Convenient

Hotels offer convenience with easy check-ins and check-outs, housekeeping services, and maybe even room service. Sure, there are different décor themes, but let’s face it, they’re mostly alike. For those seeking a unique adventure, RV parks offer much more. The RV rental cost will be worth the exceptional experience. There’s just something special about parking your RV amidst nature’s beauty and having the freedom to explore at your own pace.  

What to Expect With RV Lot Rental from Private Owners

At RiverBend, RV lot owners offer their lots for rent. You can find a wide range of deals since the rentals come directly from individuals. Whether you’re looking to rent just a lot for your motorcoach or prefer the convenience of a complete package with an RV, you can find it all here on sites like VRBO or Airbnb. The best part? You can choose from flexible payment options, including daily and monthly rates. These choices make it worth considering whether it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel or an RV.

So, Is it Really Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or RV?

Savvy shoppers can find cheap hotels or RV parks. Ultimately, the decision between an RV rental park and a hotel boils down to personal preference and your specific travel needs. RV rentals offer convenience, freedom, and a unique way to experience the world. Hotels provide the comfort and services of dedicated hospitality staff. On average, hotels are going to have more expensive rates than RV resorts.

For More RV Rental Questions, Contact RiverBend Today!

rvs parked at riverbend resort

RiverBend is a spot you shouldn’t miss when it comes to checking out RV lot rental costs. We’re all about making your vacation experience top-notch with amazing amenities and activities available in a truly luxurious setting. If you want to see for yourself what we’re raving about, head over to our main website. Got any questions about RV rentals? Contact us, and we’ll happily help you find affordable RV rental sites in Southern Florida, specifically east of Fort Myers.

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