RiverBend Railroad

Thanks to a private railroad club (with 10 members) RiverBend sports a train set that replicates trains operated in Colorado and Eastern California from the 1880s to the 1960s. This G gauge railroad is on a scale of 1:20 modeling narrow gauge trains. Some of these trains still operate in Colorado and New Mexico today.  The volunteer operation of the railroad coincides with the popular seafood lunches held every other Friday at the River Clubhouse during the winter season.

You will enjoy the tropical outdoor setting surrounding our RiverBend and Southwest Florida Railroad that is nestled in palm trees. Our railroad has a hand-built trestle that is 35 feet long and contains 777 hand cut cedar boards, stands 13 inches tall and has 55 bends. What is a train without a tunnel? Our train tunnel is 7 inches long with mini landscaping to enhance the railroad. We have around 1200 feet of track with room for more. The RiverBend trains are battery powered with remote control. The track switches are pneumatic and are powered by an air compressor that is controlled by the dispatcher panel next to the track.

History of the RiverBend Railroad

The RiverBend railroad was a small project that started in 2008 that grew into a huge success. The village surrounding the railroad was built by three enthusiastic members. Funds for the village project came from RiverBend residents who commissioned RR members to build replicas of their family businesses or historic homes from the railroad era.  There is a book that has pictures of each building, the residents who commissioned it, and a story about what made it special to them. The village has grown to over 110 buildings.

You and your guests will enjoy the RiverBend Railroad…there are some activities that you just don’t outgrow!

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