Embark on your journey to luxury and community at RiverBend Motorcoach Resort, where the extraordinary is not defined by price tags or the size of your motorcoach. RiverBenders sought more than just luxury in their resort; they sought an unparalleled experience. They sought a lifestyle! Here’s why RiverBend stands out in the world of luxury motorcoach resorts:

1. MATURE LANDSCAPING: A Living Masterpiece

RiverBend’s landscape is not just a backdrop; it’s a testament to decades of careful cultivation. Driving through our gates, the blend of giant Royal palms, varied tropical varieties, evergreens, and personalized bursts of colorful annuals and perennials signals that you’ve arrived at a special place. Beauty, privacy between lots and an open, friendly atmosphere await you under the swaying mossy oaks along the Caloosahatchee River – the Intercoastal Riverway.

2. FRIENDS: Building Bonds That Matter

Can you put a price on hundreds of new friends from all over the United States, Canada and sometimes the world? At RiverBend, this priceless experience is part of everyday life. It’s a fun time getting to know people with interesting and varied life experiences while enjoying the many planned and spontaneous activities. From water aerobics and yoga to shuffleboard, bocce and pickleball tournaments, our community thrives with laughter and genuine friendships. Our three club houses for hobbies, crafts, dining and dancing create a vibrant tapestry of activities. If you want even more, RiverBend’s boat ramps and docks connect us from the Gulf to the Atlantic. RiverBenders, whether actively retired or nearing retirement, find a welcoming haven at RiverBend, a place that isn’t just a seasonal stop but a home among old – and new friends.


RiverBend is not a promise for the future; it’s already a fully developed reality. Contrasting with the typical trajectory of ownership resorts, we proudly showcase what you see and experience NOW:

  • No False Promises: Unlike other resorts that overpromise and underdeliver, RiverBend is a fully developed haven.
  • ● Stability and certainty: While other resorts face slow sales, rising interest rates, and incomplete amenities, RiverBend is a beacon of stability and certainty. No lowering of lot prices to create cash flow for the resort to survive and continue to build promised amenities —our original owners have thrived. All lots are owned by individuals.
  • Controlled and Completed: With a history of resorts changing hands, RiverBend’s story is different. We are finished, polished, and ready for your enjoyment. No waiting for decades for promised amenities.


As you explore the next stage of life, the protection of your investment becomes paramount. At RiverBend, our resort is not just 100% sold out—it’s operational and well-kept, showcasing key features of a sound property. Our HOA rules and regulations, carefully crafted by and for owners, ensure that RiverBend remains in the top 5% of resorts in America.

RiverBend isn’t just a place; it’s a community. Our owners, a diverse group of industry professionals and leaders, contribute their knowledge, experience, and helping hands to create a truly exceptional experience. You might even find them volunteering to cook a burger at our RiverBend Motor Speedway or mixing you a drink at Benders’ Bar on game nights. If you’re ready for a community that surpasses expectations, where activities abound, and your investment is safeguarded, RiverBend is the place for you.

5. COMPETITIVE EDGE: Why RiverBend Reigns Supreme

In a sea of resorts, RiverBend outshines the competition:

  • Actual Development, Not Empty Promises: While others focus on marketing campaigns and future promises, RiverBend is a tangible, fully developed reality.
  • Activities Beyond Attractions: While other resorts simply promote area attractions, RiverBend thrives with a daily and nightly schedule filled with a stimulating variety of physical, mental, social, and spiritual activities. Our fellowship events are legendary, making each day and evening a unique experience.

Make a choice that transcends the ordinary. If you believe you’re right for RiverBend, and RiverBend is right for you, come on down to your new home of luxury and community.

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