RiverBend RC Speedway

RiverBend Remote Control Speedway

Built and maintained by a group of residents who are avid enthusiasts of remote control racing, this speedway is professional-grade and is one of a kind. The track is close to 300 feet in distance and includes a hairpin turn and challenging banking that will test all skill levels. It is sized perfectly for 1:10 vehicles with both nitro and electric power plants.
You'll see lots of exciting action here during the season (January to April). Race days are Monday and Friday afternoons with races broken into various classes to insure that the action stays close. And there is a class just
for the ladies, too! (see "Ladies" below)
Residents and guests at the resort are welcome to view the action from one of the three viewing areas recently added to the facility. On special days the RiverBend Drivers will invite interested spectators to join them on the Drivers Stand and try their hand at driving. Join us for the fun and be prepared to be amazed!
Written by Jim Jorgenson

Ladies at the RiverBend Remote Control Speedway

Yes, we said ladies! The woman in the unique" Powder Puff” group have a great time driving their RC cars, buggies and trucks. The men cannot understand how they can drive and talk on their cell phones to each other all at the same time! In the drivers stand they can be heard making apologies to one another for "bumping”. However, when the men race it’s "hard and fast” and no such comments can be heard!
Written by Donna Davis

Photos above by Barbara Tyrrell

RiverBend Speedway from the air. Photo by Dennis Fortier, Owner Lot 315.